Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dynamics GP Web Service Installation Error

Dynamics GP Web Service Installation Error troubleshooting.

1) Uninstalled Completely Dynamics GP Web Services.
2) Remove ADAM instance prior to the reinstall of GP WebService
3) Make sure eConnect is not installed on Dynamics Database server before installing Dynamics GP Web Service. If eConnect is installed Uninstalled eConnect with all SQL objects.
4) Run following SQL Script to verify Dynamics GP Database is exist in SQL Server or not
    a. Select CMPANYID,CMPNYNAM,INTERID from Dynamics..SY01500
    b. Select * from Dynamics..DB_Upgrade
    c. Select * from Dynamics..DU000020 order by companyID

5) DB_Upgrade will show if any company is not with Current Version and SP.
6) If you found any discrepancy in physically available Dynamics GP Company Database in SQL and Select Statement in “SY01500” run clearcompanies sql script from Microsoft, Download from KB973027 (Point No : 4)

If you found any discrepancy in Version please upgrade company or if you don’t want those company drop Company DB and run above script to clear company from system table.

7) Verify ISO code enter or not with following script or Login to Dynamics GP and Enter ISO code to all Currency follow Microsoft Dynamics GP Web service Installation document for ISO Code.

Run the following script against each company that is running in Dynamics:
    select FUNLCURR, FUNCRIDX from MC40000

Most important in ISO code make sure it 3 Digit ISO Code for each currency.

8) Once you've finished removing Web Services, verify that you are logged onto the IIS Server as a domain account with these permissions:
    a)   Use Domain Account is SQL Server is on a different machine than IIS server.
    b)   Local Administrator permission on both the IIS and SQL Servers.
   c)   Rights to create objects in SQL Server. I usually recomment the dbCreator and SecurityAdmin SQL Role if not sysadmin 
   d)    Also Make sure this Domain Account user has the DYNGRP and public role permission for "DYNAMICS" and all of your GP Company Databases. DYGRP will give Domain Account user the Select, Insert , Delete and Update permission needed to update Dynamics GP Database.
  e)   Create anew WebSite in IIS Manager to install Web Services. I would recommend using a New Site Name and New Port Number if possible.

9) Run Installation file with following command it will help to create log if it show any installation error.

msiexec.exe/i "C:\Path\DynamicsGPWebServices.msi"/l*v C:\WSVerbose.log"
*****replace Path with the actual pathname to the DynamicsGPWebServices.msi file, in which you're using to start the install*****

Hope it will help you to resolve issue. Do not forget to go through Log file it will help you to understand issue.


  1. Sandip,

    I installed GP WEBSERVICE SP4 HOTFIX one on my Windows Server 2003 64bit OS. But i just noticed that all the fles inlcuding Dexterity components are saved under Program Files (x86) instead of Program Files. When i run my webservice program it shoots an error "An error occurred during a call to extension function 'CurrencyIdToISOCode'. See InnerException for a complete description of the error." with inner exception saying "Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {58737586-7149-11D4-9BB0-00A0CC359411} failed due to the following error: 80040154."
    It only occurs to certain webservices like sales webservices. My customer/item webservices runs without any issue.

    Any idea on this? Is this because the 64 bit version installed under 32 bit?
    Or am i missing any registry info? I have ISO settings correcly for all companies.

    Thanks much!!

  2. Smitha,
    IF your other WebService is working fine that means it should work with your Sales WS also. Do you see any Error log on Event Viewer in eConnect ?


  3. I have this same exact issue but I am not seeing anything in the Error log in the Event Viewer only this as an inner exception in the Dynamics Exception Viewer.

  4. Hello,
    Can you check eConnect event viewer ? check if your getting any error log there or not ?


  5. I received nothing in the eConnect section under the event viewer either.

    Very odd isn't it?

    I have tried a couple things.
    Created a new company (Defaults nothing checked)
    Restored Fabrikam on top of the new company. (I can insert SOs in Fabrikam by the way) This did not work.
    Performed a repair on the web services. SO creation still works with Fabrikam and still does not work with any other company.

  6. Hi,

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your blog and this post. You make some very informative points. Keep up the great work!

    Custom Dynamics GP

  7. Tammy,
    Thanks much.It's encourage me to write more and more on day to day issue in Dynamics GP

  8. Please , after creating new web Site in IIS manager , How to use this new web Site for Web Services there is no option indicates that .
    Best regards.

    Mohammed Al-Jassem

  9. Moh'd,
    GP 2010 Web Services don't create website in IIS;

    Here is Link how to use GP WebService: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc508425.aspx

    Please refere GP Installation and Administration guide; If you had sucessfull installation Page 23 has information about how to refer GP WebServices.
    Below is Link for GP Installation and Admin. Guide.

    I hope it will help you. feel free to email me :sandipdjadhav@hotmail.com if you have further questions.