Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Types of Integration methods with Dynamics GP

1)   Integration Manager-To import Masters and Transactional data from excel sheet, Tab Delimited or comma delimited files. Integration Manager can used to import opening balances. It required user interfere but can schedule integration manager.

Microsoft allowed 90 days free use of Integration Manager

2)   eConnect- One of the another way to integrated Data into Dynamics GP, required programming experience to used eConnect API. user can do VB,VB.NET or C# coding to use eConnect. Required license for Developer Toolkit to used eConnect.

Pro-eConnect used windows login id that means user need not to be Dynamics GP user.

Cos-Need to install eConnect on every machine where it required to used.

3)   Dynamics GP Web Services- Web Services created using behind the screen eConnect API, again user need to have programming experience to create integration utility using web services. Dynamics GP Web Service Management Console offer user level integration rights where it can assigned specific user certain right e.g. to only import purchasing information or Receiving Transaction only.

4)    Rapid Implementation Tools- Used to copy existing data from one company to another with all setup information. useful to migrate data from QuickBooks and version 2.0 can migrate from Peachtree.

5)   SQL Query (Insert statement)- again need to be very careful need to follow all Dynamics GP logic to run Insert statement against table. Need to verify and populate all related table.. risky process !!!

6) Macro's - Macros can also used to create integration in Dynamics GP and it follow all GP Logic

7) Table Import-Dynamics GP utility that allow to import data from file directly into Dynamics GP table which I don't recommend because if you miss a related table it will be problem or must need to populate those table also or must run checklinks after table import in mostly it created required data in related table.

8) Copy Company Utility-This utility allows you to set up new company from existing company and can import all master records as well as transactional data also.

Do you know any other way to integrate data into Dynamics GP ?