Friday, December 27, 2013

Smart Lookup for Dynamics GP

This will change your views about Dynamics GP Lookup. Contact me for free demo copy or additional information.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Error: This document has been removed from Sales Order Processing history Or Sales Transaction Inquiry drill down show different Invoice No.

When I goto -->Inquiry-->Sales-->Transaction by Document or Customer and try to lookup that invoice it was showing me different invoice and on some invoice it was  throwing  “This Document has been removed from Sales Order Process history” even though invoice is open.

I have tried everything but it didn't resolve issue and at last open support request with Microsoft and found very strange issue that if in  Transactions-->Sales-->Edit Transaction Information “Description field” was not same as Invoice No e.g. if your Invoice # is : INV000324354  Description must match INV000324354 otherwise you get same error. In our production environment somehow in Description shows other Invoice no and that’s reason it was drill down to wrong invoice no.


Note: If Description is blank it work perfectly but if Description is other than Invoice No then it act differently.
Good news is that Microsoft confirms that it is “Bug” and already reported but don’t know when Microsoft is going to resolve this issue.
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Next Document Number Web Service using eConnect

Below is sample code for creating custom Web Service using eConnect for Next Document Number.

using Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.eConnect;


public string NextSopDocumentNumber(string TransactionType, string salesDocID)


GetNextDocNumbers sopTransNumber = new GetNextDocNumbers();

string nextTransactionNumber = string.Empty;



///string sConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["GpeConnectConnectionString"].ToString();

string sConnectionString = ="server=YourServerName;database=YourDatabaseName;Integrated Security=SSPI;persist security info=False

switch (TransactionType)


case "SalesQuote":

nextTransactionNumber = sopTransNumber.GetNextSOPNumber(IncrementDecrement.Increment, salesDocID, SopType.SOPQuote, sConnectionString);


case "SalesOrder":

nextTransactionNumber = sopTransNumber.GetNextSOPNumber(IncrementDecrement.Increment, salesDocID, SopType.SOPOrder, sConnectionString);


case "SalesInvoice":

nextTransactionNumber = sopTransNumber.GetNextSOPNumber(IncrementDecrement.Increment, salesDocID, SopType.SOPInvoice, sConnectionString);


case "SalesReturn":

nextTransactionNumber = sopTransNumber.GetNextSOPNumber(IncrementDecrement.Increment, salesDocID, SopType.SOPReturn, sConnectionString);


case "SalesBackOrder":

nextTransactionNumber = sopTransNumber.GetNextSOPNumber(IncrementDecrement.Increment, salesDocID, SopType.SOPBackOrder, sConnectionString);



return nextTransactionNumber;


catch (Exception ex)

{// If an error occurs, diplay the error information to the user

throw ex;






Below are eConnect schemas to get other transaction type Next Doucment Number.

To Rollback Transactions Number:



        public void RollBackMyDocumentNumber(string strTransactionType, string strDocNumber)


           DocumentRollback TransRollback = new DocumentRollback();


           string sConnectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["GpeConnectConnectionString"].ToString();




                switch (strTransactionType)


                        case "SOP":

                                    TransRollback .Add(TransactionType.SOP, strDocNumber);


                    case "Adjustment": //Adjustment

                        TransRollback.Add(TransactionType.IVTrans, strDocNumber);


                    case "IVTransfer":

                        TransRollback.Add(TransactionType.IVTransfer, strDocNumber);


                    case "POPReceipt":

                        TransRollback.Add(TransactionType.POPReceipt, strDocNumber);





            catch (Exception ex)

            {// If an error occurs, diplay the error information to the user

                throw ex;





Below is more details on RollBackDocument

Feel free to email me if you need any further assistance or please share your code for same.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Professional Services Tools – Import Button

Got request from user that they want to modified Item Numbers, we already have Professional Service Tools license but problem was it not just one item I have to modify where I will enter starting number and ending and it’s done.

There were 100 + items need to modify!!! I was trying to use Import button to update Item Number using excel à created excel file with header “Starting Item Number” , “New Item Number” to match what I see in PSTL Item Modifier screen and then converted Excel file into CSV , validate but it didn’t work it was giving me error “Source Item not found”  to find answer searched in Partnersource,  Google didn’t help much as Integration Manager support CSV file even Sql Profiler and DexSQL Log file was not showing any logical error which help me to import these Items.  Other options I was thinking to create Mail Merge Macros to import these Items to avoid manual entry.

Just to check I converted Excel file into Tab Delimited without Tab header information Validated Walla!!! It works no more error!!! Imported all items using Tab Delimited file instead of going each items or creating mail merge macro.

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Sandip Jadhav

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Refund Cash to Customer

Refund Cash to customer

In Dynamics GP have option for "Refund to Customer" (Transactions-->Sales-->Refund Checks) but  in small scale company it is not possible to make payment through checks for every customers.

When we create Refund from Dynamics GP it transfer Receivable balance to Payables Management creating checks for customer.


1) Received access payment from customer through credit card and need to return cash back to him.

2) Access Payment Received from customer and need to pay back cash.

Make Debit Memo from Transaction-->Sales-->Receivable Transaction-->Debit Memo and apply to Invoice.


Debit : Accounts Receivable (Refund Amount)
Credit : Accounts Receivable Misc

With above distribution your Receivable will be get zero.

To Bank:

Transaction-->Financial -->Bank Transactions

Change entry to "Decrease Adjustment" and enter the amount for Refund.


Debit: Accounts Receivable Misc (Refund Amount)

Credit: Cash A/c

Simple Cash Refund entry without Checks(Cheques)

Sandip Jadhav

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to get beginning account balance when past year not closed yet?

If previous year is not closed Microsoft Dynamics GP does not displaying account balances for Balance Sheet accounts for New Year. This can give wrong account information to Financial users.


1)   If you know your previous year balance i.e. Closing Balance pass one GL Entry for opening entry i.e.  on 01/01/2011 and then reverse it before you close the Year

This way you will see opening Balance for new year and once you ready to close previous year reverse the same entry.

2)  There is no issue to close Fiscal Year because transactions still be posted to closed Fiscal Year. With this solution no need to pass and reverse dummy entry to get opening balance.

I will recommend to go for second suggestion if you can close Fiscal Year.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Installing, Troubleshooting Dynamics GP Smart Tag

Dynamics GP Smart Tag really work “smart” and after installing users was very excited to see inquiry window from Word, Excel and Outlook.

Below are steps I followed to installed Smart Tag on Production Environment and it working successfully.
1) Created Windows Security Group for each type of Security e.g.

Make sure one user should not available in another group e.g. if you think user “abc” is having access of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable do not assign that user in both group instead of create another group call “Dynamics GP_APnAR” and assigned to it.

If user is exist in more than one group in Smart Tag Configuration window on client machine you will not see Entities.

2)   a) After creating Window Security Group installed Smart Tag Server on Dynamics GP Database Server, run Dynamics GP Utilities to get require table populated. Make sure take good backup of Dynamics and Production DB.
     b) Add Group in Smart Tag Manager Enable respective Entities, Action and most important Companies 
for each Windows Group.

Now ready to install Smart Tag on Client Machine before that do the following setup or check following important task in Word, Excel and Outlook.

1) In Word, Excel and Outlook -->Goto-->Tools-->Macros-->Security In Security Level Select “Medium” and in Trusted Publisher tab select “Trust all Installed add-ins and templates”

2) Goto--> Auto Correct options-->Smart Tag mark “Label data with smart tag”

Installed Smart Tag client version , Goto--> Administration page you should see “Entities” and verify on Word or Excel smart tag is working or not.

If not then follow below steps:-

a) windows Security for user is assigned or not

b) User should not be duplicate in other Groups

c) Check Company is enable or not for windows group in GP Server “Manage Groups” screen.

d) Close Smart Tag Manager and then Goto --> C:\Program Files\Office Smart Tag Manager\temp and Delete/Rename “stConfig” and “Stterms” files. “stConfig” is hidden file. Reopen Smart Tag Manager and verify Entities in Administration. Type any Smart Tag word in Word or Excel to recreate above files.

e) If above option didn’t work reinstalled smart tag Manger.

f) Generate Debug Report to understand issue.

        1. Click Start, click Run, type Regedit, then press ENTER.
        2. In Registry Editor, locate the following registry subkey: 
            HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\BusinessSolutions\Office Smart Tag Manager\9.0
       3. Set the Debug key to ON. Then, re-create the issue. After the error occurs, set the Debug key to
       4. Submit the OXPSTMAdminDLL-DebugLog.txt file to Support.

g) If Smart Tag is not recognizing in Word or Excel in my case in Excel Smart Tag was not working. Detect and Repair utility in Excel help me to resolve issue.It will repair Ms-Office application.
    Goto--> Help-->Detect and Repair Select both options and start repairs. You may need to do setup again for Outlook. Remove and reinstalled smart tag again. After detect and repairs check security and AutoCorrect options and mark “Label data with smart tag” in smart tag tab before installing Dynamics GP Smart Tag.

To change Update Rate for Smart Tag :-
    1. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.

    3. Expand Software.
    4. Expand Microsoft.
    5. Expand Business Solutions.
    6. Expand Microsoft Office Smart Tag Manager.
    7. Expand 9.0.
    8. Click Engine.
    9. Right-click LOADREFRESHRATE, and then click Modify.
    10. Change the value in the Value data field.
Note: The change is instant and does not require that you restart the computer.