Thursday, December 8, 2011

Professional Services Tools – Import Button

Got request from user that they want to modified Item Numbers, we already have Professional Service Tools license but problem was it not just one item I have to modify where I will enter starting number and ending and it’s done.

There were 100 + items need to modify!!! I was trying to use Import button to update Item Number using excel à created excel file with header “Starting Item Number” , “New Item Number” to match what I see in PSTL Item Modifier screen and then converted Excel file into CSV , validate but it didn’t work it was giving me error “Source Item not found”  to find answer searched in Partnersource,  Google didn’t help much as Integration Manager support CSV file even Sql Profiler and DexSQL Log file was not showing any logical error which help me to import these Items.  Other options I was thinking to create Mail Merge Macros to import these Items to avoid manual entry.

Just to check I converted Excel file into Tab Delimited without Tab header information Validated Walla!!! It works no more error!!! Imported all items using Tab Delimited file instead of going each items or creating mail merge macro.

Until Next post!!!


Sandip Jadhav