Thursday, February 11, 2010

Creating Test Company

Several time user want production data in Test company. Once you create Test Company and Restore Production database on Test Company please make sure to cover following two important point.

1) Make sure your test company name will end with "<TEST>" i.e. “MY Dummy Company <TEST>"

Advantage :

a) System will understand this is test company as well as user will get prompt that your login in test company

b) If user create test company and assigned company name without word "<TEST>" and Payroll module is installed system will count total number employees from Production Company + Test Company. But if test company name  is created "<TEST>" word  it won’t count Employee of test company.

If you are changing existing Test company Name with word "<TEST>" do not forget to run check link on Employee Maintenance to get correct employee count.

Again it’s very small but important "<TEST>" word to avoid all future confusion after creating test company.

2) Run Microsoft SQL Script after restoring Production Data into Test Company its available in KB872370