Thursday, August 8, 2013

Error: This document has been removed from Sales Order Processing history Or Sales Transaction Inquiry drill down show different Invoice No.

When I goto -->Inquiry-->Sales-->Transaction by Document or Customer and try to lookup that invoice it was showing me different invoice and on some invoice it was  throwing  “This Document has been removed from Sales Order Process history” even though invoice is open.

I have tried everything but it didn't resolve issue and at last open support request with Microsoft and found very strange issue that if in  Transactions-->Sales-->Edit Transaction Information “Description field” was not same as Invoice No e.g. if your Invoice # is : INV000324354  Description must match INV000324354 otherwise you get same error. In our production environment somehow in Description shows other Invoice no and that’s reason it was drill down to wrong invoice no.


Note: If Description is blank it work perfectly but if Description is other than Invoice No then it act differently.
Good news is that Microsoft confirms that it is “Bug” and already reported but don’t know when Microsoft is going to resolve this issue.
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  1. Sandip - Brilliant answer helped save us a bunch of time. Not sure why the bug is still not fixed.

    1. Hi Gary, Glad it help you. Thanks much. Feel free to email me if you have any further questions in Dynamics GP.
      Sandip Jadhav

  2. Hello Sandip,

    I know this is an old post, but wanted to know if the issue was solved by Microsoft in any of the Service Pack released later, and if so can i get the details.

  3. Hello Shefi, Thanks much for your comment. I don't think that's issue it is way Microsoft Dynamics GP works. I am not sure it works with latest version of GP.
    Thanks much
    Sandip Jadhav