Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Account Rollup, Summaries Group of Account

How to monitor total of Group of Accounts say Cash A/c, Inventory or Payroll Account from different department, Account Rollup features in Dynamics GP is good option to create summary total of group of Accounts.

Following steps to create Account Rollup inquiry.

1) Goto--->Inquiry--->Financial-->Account Rollup

2) Click on Modify button

3) Enter Option ID

4) Select Segment for sorting option

5) Enter No of Columns in above example I selected 2 Columns one is for Actual and another for budget . Give column Name like “Actual” and “Budget”.

   How to create Calculated Columns please go through with Dynamics GP Help.

6) Select option for Accounts i.e. Accounts is Posting Account or Unit Account

7) Select Range of Accounts and insert.

8) Save Accounts Rollup Inquiry options

9) User can callback Option Id from same screen and click on Inquiry Button or

Goto -->Inquiry-->Financial-->Account Rollup

Recall Option ID and Click on Redisplay


Keep checking for my next post.. Happy Holidays !!!

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