Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Inventory Batch Entry and Post to GL Check Box option

When batch is created in Inventory (Transaction-->Inventory-->Batches) user must check mark the option “Post to General Ledger” if user forget to mark check box the Journal Entry will not create in General Journal .

It’s usually possible that user forget / ignore to mark check option, is it possible to make the default check marked on “Post to General Ledger” check box ?

It is through the one line VBA code.

Steps :

1) Open the Inventory Batch Entry (Transaction --> Inventory --> Batches)
2) Add the Inventory Batch Entry screen to Visual Basic ( Tools-->Customize-->Add Current Window to Visual Basic)
3) Goto Tools--> Customize--> Add Fields to Visual Basic and click on Post to General Ledger Check Box.
4) Goto Tools-->Customize-->Visual Basic editor to do the coding
5) Select the “InventoryBatchEntry(Window) from Project explore (Microsoft_Dynamics_GP --> Microsoft Dynamics GP Objects --> InventoryBatchEntry(Window)
6) And on “ Window_AfterActivate” event add the following code

PosttoGeneralLedger.Value = 1

Your code should look like below screen :

If it’s difficult for you to do the VBA modification please do not hesitate to mail me for above customization file.

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