Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to email Dynamics GP Invoice/Report

Instead of printing the invoice , Statement of Account how can I directly email it to my customer ? Or is it possible to mail any report as attachment ?

When you print your report --> Print on screen --> Click on Sent To Button . You will find two option Mail Recipient (Text) i.e. Emailing txt attachment and another one is Mail Recipient (PDF) enclosed the report in PDF format.

For better result select PDF format Mail Recipient , make sure you have Adobe Acrobat PDF writer installed in GP client computer otherwise the Mail Receipent (PDF) format option is disable.


  1. pdf writer installed in GP client server but email pdf option still disable. please help me

    1. Hi Dharmesh, What is your GP version? Will you consider word Templates for email.


  2. Hi, I'm using version 10.0, so I believe I am forced to use Adobe Acrobat, is that correct? Also, is there any way to customize the body of the email that is sent to the recipient? Currently right now, all I get is an attachment of the statement and the subject line.

    It would be nice to include some generic text and perhaps give some options for payment, etc.

    Your help is appreciated.

  3. hi Sandip Jadhav
    I have been following your blogs for quite some times .i have started my career as an gp technical developer, i would like to hear your suggestion on how to learn functional side of microsoft gp,i like to know how u learnt functional part of gp. i need this because our companys dont have an gp functional i got to learn myself.and also please provide links for the functional related documents.

  4. Hi Shekar,
    I start my career as Technical Consultant but with strong 'Accounting' background I easily picked up Functional part of Dynamics GP. It will be good if you can go through somekind of training on GP Functinality that will definetly help you. Imagine consultant who knows functionality as well as work as Technical too.
    Feel free to email me at: if needed.
    Thanks much

  5. thank you very much sandip for the responding.