Monday, September 21, 2009

Purchase Shipment/Invoice in Dynamics GP Web Service

While working on on Dynamics GP Web Service, I came with very strange senario I didn’t find Web Method for “Shipment/Invoice” on purchase .. Where in eConnect Shipment/Invoice Node with Invoice type is available … !!! Thats weird .. !!!

Client was not accepting to pass the Purchase Receipt and than Match the Invoice, they want to Invocie entry as “Shipment/Invoice” even I don’t want to installed eCOnnect on every individual machine which is going to use the integration utility for “Shipment/Invoice”.

At last created Custom Webservice using eConnect !!!

I wish I could have enclosed the “Shipment/Invoice” WebService code using eConnect but do reply me back if you want ready code .... !!!

Please email me

Thanks byee for now !!!


  1. We aer attempting to do something similar. Would love to see what you did. I can be reached at Thanks

  2. I would like to see that as well.