Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The document has been posted-SOP Transaction Error

User posted the Sales Batch while posting didn’t get any error but found in Item Inquiry Qty Allocation still show wrong for one of the Sales Item which he posted and it didn’t create any Journal Entry into General Journal for that Sales Transaction.

When user Inquiry the SOP Transaction Status from (Inquiry -->Sales -->Sales Documents) it shows as un posted transaction, and when recall the transaction to re-post from Sales Transaction Entry screen it gives “The Document has been posted”.

Following SQL Script help to the Transaction available to repost as user don’t want us to delete the transaction using SQL Script but want to make available to repost.

Update SOP10100 set BCHSOURC = 'Sales Entry' where DEX_ROW_ID = 'XXX'
-- where XXX is the dex_row_id of the document

With the help of above query the SOP Document is available to repost. Once the transaction is reposted Item Allocation got rectified and Journal Entry got created in General Journal.

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